Club dinner with jazz program, 3-22-13There are many opportunities at the University Club for socializing with fellow members and sharing cultural experiences. Friday dinners and lunches and other events and celebrations throughout the year are always popular.

Members can follow the procedure below to register and pay online for events.

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Dining Activities


Catered three-course dinners are held on Friday evenings throughout the year for members and their guests. The dinners are preceded by a social hour and followed by a cultural or informative program.

Harpist, 250wRecent dinner performers have included jazz guitarist John Valeri, young virtuoso violinist David Brill, classical and pops harpist Jane Rosenbohm, classical and jazz pianist Carol Stein, violinists Routa Kroumovitch and Ayako Yonetani, and a Bach jazz program with pianist Sergei Kossenko and violinist Olga Ferroni.

Among other programs: jazz singer Jackie Jones, a Sinatra-themed program with Don Juceam, Golden Oldies pop singers Gayle Cohen and Robert Cohen, ventriloquist Margaret Davis, C & W singers featuring Cindy Mangsen, and a St. Patrick’s Day program starring Irish dancers!


Periodically, our dinners become parties, with dancing and sometimes costumes.

Sheri Levy Hans Martin, 300w


Friday luncheon meetings are also scheduled. Programs usually consist of speakers, followed by a question-and-answer session. An occasional Sunday Brunch is also held. Guests are welcome.

Special Events

Dances and other gatherings are held throughout the year, especially on notable occasions, such as New Years’ Day, the Super Bowl, the Fourth of July, Halloween, the Academy Awards, and other such events. These vary from elegant receptions to casual BYO affairs. Families and friends are especially welcome at these get-togethers