Piano Appeal

Dear University Club Members:

Your Club Board of Directors is continually focused on how we can best balance resources to serve our members. Some members join for our many Intellectual Activities, but others think our musical programs make us special. And one of the things that make those programs truly special is our antique Steinway Concert Grand Piano.  But members and performers with professional ears have told us our piano has been declining for years, and now won’t hold its tune past the first piece of music.

Our 115-year-old piano was last reconditioned in 1995, so it’s past due for another major refurbishment.  After learning delaying repairs could increase the risk of unrepairable damage, the Board appointed a Piano Committee that studied several alternatives. They investigated buying a new or used piano, then obtained two professional opinions on repairs and concluded that repairing our own piano was the best option.

But of course, we are always faced with budget dilemmas. The estimate to repair the piano, including transportation, is about $16,000.00. Board members are concerned about spending this amount after paying for a new roof and sound system and refreshing the building with new paint and repairs last year. The Board believes we need to restrain spending to replenish our accounts and so has reluctantly decided to appeal to our members for help with fixing our piano.  The quicker we get it fixed, the better to avoid damage, so the Board voted to match member contributions to get this work done as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that doing nothing will mean our piano will continue to decline, while reconditioning should give us another 20 years of use.  If you enjoy our Classical, Dinner and other musical programs, please consider donating to our Piano Repair Fund.  Your contributions will be used only to fund expenses related to the piano repair. You can contribute by attending our fundraiser on June 22nd, dropping off a check in the office, or donating online at www.members.uclubwp.org under our Contributions tab.  The Board thanks you, and our piano thanks you.


University Club of Winter Park

Nestled among the moss-laden oaks and tropical foliage of beautiful Winter Park is a Mediterranean-style building that turns heads. Step inside this James Gamble Rogers showplace, which is on the Historic Register of Winter Park Buildings, and you not only sense that you are a part of a unique tradition, but that this is a unique place for the nearly 500 people who share a common love of intellectual discovery, culture, fellowship, and social occasions.

Scenic Winter Park is the home of the University Club. It is not affiliated with any college or university, and our members live throughout the central Florida area (fewer than half of our members actually live in Winter Park). They range from educators, physicians, lawyers, authors, and judges to journalists, nurses, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, to name just a few.

Established in 1934 as a forum where people of diverse business, professional, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds could meet and exchange information, ideas, and experiences, the Club cultivates a broad range of cultural, scientific, historic, and philanthropic interests through presentations, speakers, seminars, and group activities.

New to the area and want to meet diverse,
interesting people?

Come visit us. Develop friendships.

Worried about costs? Don’t be. There is a $25 initiation fee and an annual fee that is less than a dollar a day. Dinners and special events are priced below market rates.

Quote from commentator Chris Jepson of the Winter Park Observer:   “I like to promote the Winter Park University Club (WPUC) because I respect the idea of a place that promotes the intellectual pursuit of ideas in a collegial atmosphere.  If you’ve a mind that needs/wants exercise, I recommend the WPUC.  It’s affordable.  It’s available.  It’s an appropriate place to invest your mind and time.”

Check us out! We will welcome you with open arms and an open mind.

Original Concept

The University Club of Winter Park was established as an organization where educational and cultural activities could be pursued and where ideas would be explored and challenged.  You can get a good idea of the scope of current activities by clicking on the tab to read this month’s Club Times.

The Club was founded by retired college faculty members, clergymen, lawyers, physicians, and others of similar education and background, in order to hold regular meetings for discussion and fellowship.  These founders wanted an organization different from many other university clubs. Business networking was not to be a component of the Club.  Ideally, they wanted members to be on a first-name basis without the use of titles such as Doctor or General. They envisioned an egalitarian organization that would welcome people of all political and socioeconomic backgrounds.

841 N. Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL, 32789        407-644-6149        info@uclubwp.org

Main website: uclubwp.org

Members-only website: members.uclubwp.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uclubwp