members mingling, 250wWe are a diverse group of men, women, and couples who enjoy intellectual activities and socializing with each other.  With backgrounds in education, business, government, the military, medicine, law, engineering, science, the arts, and numerous other fields, our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.  Some of us attend Club events three or more times per week, others every month or so as time permits.  While there are many opportunities to lead discussion groups or make presentations, there is no pressure to do so.  The goal is to enjoy the fellowship and exchange of ideas.

University Club members hold degrees from 341 institutions of higher education and come from 110 professions. While the overall image of the members during its 78-year-history is that of a community of educated professionals, about twelve percent of our members do not have a college degree. They were admitted on the basis of life experience.

Mission Statement

Members join for intellectual stimulation, community service, and fellowship by cultivation of educational, artistic, scientific, philanthropic, literary, and historic interests.


  • The University club was founded in 1934.
  • It is a public, nonprofit organization.
  • It was established by a small group of retired college professors and members of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.
  • It encourages intellectual stimulation and fellowship.
  • Members are about fifty percent female and fifty percent male.
  • More than forty percent have graduate degrees.
  • Many are listed in various Who’s Who editions.
  • It presents numerous intellectual activities, which range from Current Events Discussion to Classical Music, Book Reviews to Foreign Languages, and much more.
  • The Intellectual Activities are held mornings, afternoons, and evenings
  • The activities are open to the public.
  • Dinners are for members and their guests. Luncheons and Special Events are generally open to the public.
  • The club provides grants to nonprofit organizations.
  • The club provides scholarships for students in several area colleges and universities.
  • A college degree is usually the primary requirement for members, although there are a limited number of memberships available for nondegreed applicants.